The Farm

“The Farm”, as our family endearingly calls it, was purchased by my parents, Johnny and Joan Dawson, in 1987 and is comprised of 235 acres of beautiful, untouched Alabama land. It is located just west of Canoe Creek in the Slasham Valley of St. Clair County. In the beginning, it was just a scrub piece of land with an abundance of wild flowers and honeysuckle, a big flowing stream, and a shade tree or two. Through the years it has evolved into a working cattle farm that is desired for its 13 acre lake and ample pasture land. The Farm has been the scene of many a family gathering and is a special place for all who have spent time there.

When the time came to plan our daughter’s wedding in 2014, the decision of where it would be was simple.  The farm has always been one of her very favorite places, and some of her most cherished memories from childhood were made there.  We sought to create an organic, peaceful, and elegant atmosphere for her wedding and reception. It was very important to the bride and groom for their guests to feel at-home and comfortable, as if everyone had naturally gotten together on a Saturday afternoon. Everything turned out beautifully and since then several family members and close friends have encouraged us to share this place with others. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer a place where people can create such wonderful memories of their own.