We Love

Our Pets

Over the years we have enjoyed and loved the animals on the farm, and have long cat on donkyconsidered them to be pets of the family. We currently have long-horn cattle, donkeys, and an old farm cat. The long-horn cattle love to visit with us in the evening, and we return the favor by giving them their favorite treat of day old bread.  The donkeys have been a part of the farm since the very beginning, and are always lovingly named after famous Democrats.  We’ve had LBJ, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Hillary, Jesse Jackson, and our newest addition, Michelle. The old farm cat chose us in the beginning as she made the farm her home after a life on the run.  In the beginning she was very weary of us all, but after a lot of love from the family she has turned into a dear pet and has made great friends with the rest of the animals. Every now and then she can be seen taking a nap on the back of her favorite donkeys.   All of the animals here are very friendly, and will happily great you when you come by for a visit.